We all have aleast one favorite movie. Some like The Parent Trap. Others like Avatar. For me, I’m a Terminator fan. I don’t know why I like it. I guess it’s because of all the action it has. 

It’s about where in post-apocalyptic 2029 an  artificially intelligent machines seek to exterminate what is left of the human race. Two beings are sent back to 1984. One is the Terminator, play by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and one humen named Kyle Reese, play by Michael Biehn. The Terminator was sent back to assassinat Sarah Conner, while Kyle was sent back to protect her. After killing two other Sarah Conners the Terminator tracks Sarah down to a nightclub. Kyle saves her from the Terminator’s attack. Sarah then learns what the Terminator is and why he’s after her. She also finds out about her unborn son, John and that he’s the leader of the resistance. They are again attack by the Terminator, which leds to a car chase and to their arrest. Sarah is told that Kyle is insane . Then the Terminator attacks again killing 17 police officers in the procese. Kyle and Sarah escape.

They make their way to a hotel were Kyle confesses his feelings for Sarah and that’s how John was conceved.

The Terminator tracks them to the hoteland wounds Kyle. In the chase the Terminator is caught in a gasoline explosion. with his flesh blowen away Kyle jams a pipe bomb into the Terminaotr’s abdomen, which blew off his legs and killed Kyle. On it’s remaining arms a still partly functional Terminator goes towards Sarah and she crushes it with a hydraulic press, which disactived it.

Later, a vary pregnant Sarah is traveling throw Mexico. Along the way she’s recording audio tapes to pass down to her unborn son. A young Mexican boy takes her picture whichs she buys for five dollars. She then drives towards approaching storm clouds.