So anyways I was looking on like I normally do when I’m bored and I found this artically about what countries really owns us and here’s what I read.

Ok as many of you may already know we’re 14 trillion dollars in debt, but did you know as of December that 4.4 billion dollars is held by foreign goverments.

So heres a list of the top 10 countries that own us.

1.) Mainland China

We owe them $891.6 billion

2.) Japan

We own them $883.6 bllion

3.) United Kingdom

We owe them $541.3 billion

4.) This is another group but Oil Exporters

Money owed $218 billion

5.) Brazil

Money owed $180.8 billion

6.) Caribbean Banking Centers

Money owed $155.6 billion

7.) Hong Kong

Money owed $ 138.2 billion

8.) Canada

money owed $134.6 billion

9.) Taiwan

money owed $131.9 billion

10.) Russia

We own them  $106.2 billion

Now this really isn’t much of a surprise. I mean we keep hearing about how we’re in debt but many of us proably didn’t know the exact number. So I want to know what you think about this. So please comment.