Soon after news broke that Lenny Kravitz had been cast in The Hunger Games, Twitter users took to the social networking site to share their reactions.

In fact, the actor-musician soon became a trending topic.

Kravitz is set to play stylist Cinna, who helps Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) prep for the Hunger Games. It was a role that fans had been anxious to see filled for some time.

And judging by Twitter reaction, they are mixed about the casting news.

Among the tweets in favor of Kravitz’s casting:

“The 1st #HungerGames casting decision I co-sign” — Harvey M

“OMG! Cinna!!” — Dyah Ayuni Wijayanti

“Maybe Lenny Kravitz doesnt look right for Cinna but I couldn’t care less because he ROCKS! #hungergames” — Zoe Wood

“Wow, the news of Lenny Kravitz‘s casting as Cinna is trending. Personally, I’m cool with it. #HungerGames” — Jess Huckins

And just as many weren’t happy about the news:

Lenny Kravitz IS NOT Cinna. Period. ='(” — Naybeth Diaz.

“actually really pissed off about lenny kravitz being cinna. that’s just… not right. :(” — emileeeeeeeeee

Lenny Kravitz as Cinna? I’m starting to lose interest in this.” — 7non

Lenny Kravitz is going to be Cinna? #srsly?” — Chitra Parameswaran


Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Stanley Tucci and Elizabeth Banks also star in the movie, which Lionsgate is set to release March 23.

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