Bridgette Nealon

The internet started buzzing this week over Harry Potter star’s new mystery girl. Paparazzi caught the actor holding hands with a mystery girl earlier this week. No one seemed to be able to identify the young brunette for days.

Now, E! online revealed that the girl that has Radcliffe smitten is Rosanne Coker — although everyone seems to call her Rose.

Ms. Coker is 22 years old and a painter. Her father owns a painting and decorating business and her mother designs birthday cards. They reside in Surry, England. Also, the girl is an avid painter.

Coker’s family seems to approve of the actor dating their daughter. Her father told reporters “No other parent would ask any more. I know it’s not a normal life they live. But they have a lot of fun together and, at their age, what more could you ask?

The couple met on the set of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in 2007 when Coker worked as a production assistant. She worked on the last two Potter films, as well as Radcliffe’s new film The Woman in Black as a production assistant.