Hey, people! Sorry for the lack if posts, I’ve been relatively lazy when it comes to posting blogs. But, I’m back so let’s gets started.

I’ve started my last semester at Holmes Community College. This semester I’m taking creative writing. So be expecting my work in upcoming blogs. I’m also taking piano and some other classes.

Currently, with SGA (Student Government) we’re planning October Fest. What we’re going to do will be great so if ya’ll go to the Grenada Center defiantly check it out.

We have another program coming up here at the Grenada Center. We’re having illusionists come. This is a first, because we never had illusionists come, it’s mostly been musicians.

But, other then that there hasn’t been much going on. So, be expecting more posts about creative writing and maybe reviews from programs that I attend at school. If ya’ll want to see any particular types of posts just let me know in the comments below.