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Graduations 2015

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Time Flies!

Hey people! Well, school is coming to a close for many people around the country, the weather is getting warmer, and many other things are going on. Not only is graduation for college but graduation for Christian Women’s Job Corp.

Boy, time flies. It feels like only yesterday that it started. I learned a lot. Everything from resumes to interview skills. Even learning more about God. I know after this week I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess start looking for a job. I know that I’ll do better at giving an interview then I did before I went through this program. I know that God will help me with this.

Other than graduating from college and from Christian Women’s Job Corp I’ll, along with Steven, will be planning our wedding. There’s so much to do. lol But it’ll be next year before we know it!

So, I’ll keep ya’ll up to date on what’s going on in Aprilslife.


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