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So anyway………..Book Review

So I thought I would do another blog. Considering I haven’t been blogging like I should I should do it more often. So here it goes. I decided that I should do a book review.
One book I’ve recently is called “The Molech Prophecy”, by Thomas Phillips. The novel starts off with Tommy Cucinelle, a former gang member turn Christian, arrives at church to find it vandalized. After church his pastor asks him to uses his skills, form his old life in the gang, to find the church sectary, who recently disappeared. So Tommy starts his search. His search leads him to a wiccan church with a “priest” that has something to hid.
“The Molech Prophecy” is one of the best books I have read. The story line is best. Thomas Phillips knows how to tell a good story. I would definitely recommended this book to anyone. So if you have read this book comment and tell me what you think. Or if you just want to comment please do. And don’t forget to subscribe.


My review on Mars (anime/ manga)

So as most of you know I’m a huge Amine fan. One of my favorites is Mars. It is very good. I highly recommed it to anyone who reads manga.

If you have ever seen Titanic then you’ll love this series. Its about star-crossed lovers Ria and Kira. Ria is a troubled playboy who lives on his own while Kira is a shy art student.  the series expands over 15 volumes. So please read.

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