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Optimus Prime

Hello ladies and gentlemen here’s another blog form Aprilslife. So today Mason had brought one of his models to schools and to show everyone at Wesley what he had done over the summer. He originally wanted to bring his wolf Link model but he couldn’t he ended up bring Optimus 058 It was bigger than I thought it would be. Mason had made it out of over 700 + individual cut and folded pieces of paper. He did cut it down to side from the original size. school 056 When he brought it in everyone wanted to look at it and take pictures of it.

school 054The parts were once moveable but in the end they were permanently put in that 055 The head is made of 90 pieces of paper. (don’t look it does it?)  So what do ya’ll think of Masons Optimus Prime? Please comment and tell me what you think. 🙂


Hey people visit my really good friend Mason’s blog at If your really into fan fiction his blog is for you. So visit for fan fiction and pictures of his pepakura models. So visit Mason site and enjoy.


hello! how are ya’ll? I’m back! I just thought I’d post something else before I get for good tonight. Well, today was about the same as any other day for me.(boring) One thing I did do ,however,that I haven’t done in a while was go to the beach. I’m really not much of a swimmer, but today while I was doing some house work I got this eurge to go to the beach, so I did. Lets just say I had fun. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to the beach this summer, but hey you never right? 🙂

In other news…….I may be going to a wedding either in July or August I’m not really sure though, so that’s something to look forward to.

Well that’s it for today see ya’ll later. 🙂


Friends, friends, friends

what I am going to do with these friends of mine

Friends, friends,friends my friends are really insane

Friends, friends, friends my friends are great lol 🙂

Friends, friends, friends where would I’d be without my crazy friends


Rachid how can you say that I lied to you. I have have forgot about that group your talking about on Facebook. I’ll remove it once I get onto Facebook. Ok. so don’t go around saying I lied to you when I forgot about that group. Ok..I’m sorry. 😦

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