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Moments From Holmes Community College

school 058
school 017Oct. Fest 031Oct. Fest 03222nd b-day 017

22nd b-day 020

22nd b-day 021

22nd b-day 009

22nd b-day 005

Christmas Party 004

Christmas Party 002

BSU 033cookout 014

cookout 005

cookout 016

cookout 001

Christ Communtiy 004

Christ Communtiy 008

Christ Communtiy 015

Last Day OF School 020

Last Day OF School 021

Last Day OF School 022

Last Day OF School 023

Last Day OF School 024

From October Fest

Oct. Fest 043
These are just some of the pictures from October Fest.
Oct. Fest 031Oct. Fest 032Oct. Fest 039

October Fest 2014

Hey guys! Aprilslife here. Just wanted to give ya’ll a quick update. As ya’ll already know it’s the day before Halloween. Which means for many people they will be attending October Fest. Which is true for Holmes Community College. Today is our annual October Fest. This year we will have a rock wall and jumpers. Not only that but twister, and a lot of other fun stuff. So, if ya’ll go to Holmes Community College please come you’ll have a blast. It’s from 12-3pm. Hope to see ya’ll there.

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