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By Mike Krumboltz mike Krumboltz Tue Feb 22, 11:48 am ET

Odds are you’ve seen a photo of the Taj Mahal. And yet, if you were lucky enough to go there in person, the odds are even greater that you’d take a photo of your own–a photo just like all the others.

Artist Corinne Vionnet wanted to do something unique with all those near-identical snapshots, so she weaved them together. The effects, which you can look at below, are both beautiful and haunting.

According to My Modern Metropolis, Vionnet “carefully layers 200-300 photos on top of one another until she gets her desired result.” The landmarks, which include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Statue of Liberty in New York, and Tiananmen Square in China, are easy to make out (despite some unavoidable blurs). But if you examine the photos closely you’ll also see faded silhouettes of people who happened to be there at that one moment. Well, 1/300th of them, anyway.

You can check out more of Vionnet’s work below, courtesy of The Empty Quarter Gallery.

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