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There Will be a Day

Here’s another poem hope ya’ll guys like it.

There will be a day were we get to meet you face to face

There will be a day were every head will bow and every knee will bend

There will be a day when every  tongue will confess that you are Lord

There will be a day when all the angels will sing “hallelujah”

There will be a day where we’ll rejoice at your name

There will be a day

Ok, I’m sure if I should end it there or not but here you go. Hope you  guys like it. 🙂


more poems

I wrote this poem last year for a class I was in. Hope you like it.


Kind, funny, moody

Reading, writing, going to church

Homework, fixing the computer, group work

Harry Potter, Vampire Knight,  A Year Down Yonder

The dark, wielding, failure

Individual work, teachers, clubs

Graduate and going to college




I written this at the start of the new year it’s not one of my best poems though.

2011 is finally here

It’s a time for firsts

It’s a time to start over and begin a new

2011 is finally here and that means it’s time to move on, forget the mistakes you made, and look forward to a whole new year.

2011 is finally here and you know what that means.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about my poem.


So….what about this school year

This school year has gone by fast for me. It feels like only yesterday that I walking into Grenada High School as a junior. I’m looking forward to see what the last few months of school and even my senior year has to bring. I’ll just have to wait and see. I just have to get through the ACT and other important exams.

But, it’s going to be sad when I do graduate. Because I spent almost my entire life in the Grenada School Distract. Not to mention many of my friends will have to stay behind.


But, I’ll continue to move forward.


My heart full of regret

My heart regrets hurting you

My heart can’t bare to see you sad  and hurting

Please forgive me for the hurt I caused you

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