I just love the Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It is very well written. Kim Edwards is a very talented writer.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter is about how Dr. David Herny, due to a rare and sudden snow storm, delviver his own set of twins. His son Paul is born perfectly health, but david soon realizes that his daughter Pheobe had Down Syndrome. For motives that he thinks are are good he hands Phoebe to his nurse and tells her to take his baby to a institution but she instead takes the baby and leaves town. Later David tells his wife that their baby girl dead as she was born. As the years go by David, Paul, and Norah grow apart, while Phoebe, Caroline(the nurse), and her new husband Al grow together.

The movie is also good. My main proably with the movie is that that they cut out charaters that I feel are very important to the story. In the book they have the charater Rosemary, who at the time David meets her is expecting a baby and is a teenager, she’s not in the movie but she should have been because she is the main one who tries to get David to tell his wife about Phoebe. She then comes to live with David and soon after has the a son, named Jack. There is also Doro who gave Caroline room and board and a job. There is also Leo, who is Doro father, Doro gives Caroline the job of beening Leo’s private nurse. By the end of the book Leo passes away.

These are the charaters that have been removed from the movie and shouldn’t have been. But other than this the movie is very good a must watch.