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Matthew 24:36

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Matthew 24:36

Pippa Middleton: Global sensation


by Claudine Zap, Buzz LogTue, May 3, 2011 9:19 PM GMT+00:00

The royal wedding didn’t just launch Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge into the spotlight. The extravaganza watched around the world made her younger sister Pippa, also decked out in a stunning white Alexander McQueen dress, into an overnight celebrity.

[ Photos: Pippa dazzles in her maid of honor dress ]

The Daily Mail called the famous maid of honor “the world’s most eligible woman” and sites like BauerGriffinOnline.com have dedicated galleries to her scene-stealing green engagement dress. Even Pippa’s backside gained fame on Facebook. Searches on Yahoo! have soared since the wedding: Fans of Pippa wanted to see “pippa middleton photos,” “pippa middleton dress.” They hope for a romance between “pippa middleton and prince harry” despite the fact that she’s already dating Prince William’s friend, retired cricket star Alex Loudon. She and Loudon, now a banker, have been together since December.

Those who know Pippa, officially Philippa Charlotte Middleton, would not be surprised by her sudden celebrity. Born in 1983 and raised in Bucklebury, Berkshire, the tanner of the two sisters easily outshone her older sibling when the two children attended the girls’ boarding school Downe House. According to Katie Nicholl, author of “The Making of a Royal Romance,” “Pippa was the more beautiful of the two of them at that age. But Catherine was more determined, which seemed to set her apart.”

Pippa followed her 14-year-old sister to the prep school Marlborough College in Wiltshire, England, where Nicholl wrote of the sisters, “They were both pretty and very close…they were tall and slim, lean and athletic.”

[Photos: Striking photos of Pippa Middleton]

The middle Middleton attended Edinburgh University in Scotland where she earned her degree in English, and then joined the family’s business, Party Pieces.

Plum Sykes observed in the Daily Mail that Pippa gets all of the fun of being close to the monarchy minus any of the “bad bits.” Adding, “Pippa is the luckiest one of all. She gets all the right sort of attention from men, fashion designers, hostesses and things, and doesn’t have any of the duties.”

[Photos: Pippa’s best looks]

The stunner was named Tatler magazine’s No.1 society singleton in 2008. She is also a good shot: In the same year the multi-talented Middleton bagged 23 birds, including duck, pheasant, and partridge, while on a weekend holiday in Scotland.

Pippa may also have paved the way for her sister’s chic engagement look. The fashionista was photographed backstage at an Issa show wearing the designer’s wrap dress, similar to the look Kate later wore to announce her plans to marry Prince William.

With Pippa’s prospects looking so good, she may soon be donning the Issa dress to make an announcement of her own.

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Catching Up With Sanjaya Malakar


This week, Stefano Langone went home on “American Idol’s” top 7 results show, joining the illustrious ranks of other seventh-place finishers like Jennifer Hudson, Kimberly Caldwell, Ace Young, Ryan Star, Kristy Lee Cook, Anoop Desai, and Tim Urban. But perhaps the most notorious seventh-place contestant is Season 6’s Sanjaya Malakar, who continues to be namechecked in the blogosphere and on E!’s “The Soup,” despite keeping a relatively low profile in the four years since his elimination. Even Josh Groban tweeted about Sanjaya recently, totally out of the blue. You can’t buy that kind of publicity.

For those of you who were living under a rock in 2007, when Sanjaya dominated the airwaves, he was one of the most polarizing contestants in “Idol” history. He garnered the wrath of Simon Cowell (who threatened to quit if Sanjaya won) and some “Idol” fanatics (one of whom went on a hunger strike until he was voted off), while he gained the love and support of Vote For The Worst, infamous “crying girl” Ashley Ferl, and even Howard Stern. Thanks to his effusive personality and impressive head of hair, Sanjaya went a lot farther than many doubters expected, and he continues to remain in the public’sa consciousness. He even starred in a Funny Or Die video titled “I Am Art,” co-produced by Will Ferrell, in which he claimed he was really a graduate student named Bill Vendall who created “Sanjaya” as an art project for his thesis. Genius!

But it turns out, Sanjaya is very real. So where is he now, in real life? Well, he’s kept pretty busy, if a little under the radar. His lush fauxhawk is long gone, but he’s still making music. In 2009, he released both an autobiography and EP with the title Dancing To The Music In My Head, the latter of which featured a love ballad about “walks along the beach,” a Bollywood-inspired world music track, and a revenge song, “Tell Me Who I Am,” that seemed to be directed right at “American Idol.” (“I don’t need your couch critiquing anymore,” Sanjaya snarled.)

Last year, he released a Christmas disc, as well as the single “4 AM,” plus he made appearances on “Hell’s Kitchen” and the 300th episode of “The Soup.” This year, as his first professional theater venture, he joined the cast of the family-friendly off-Broadway musical Freckleface Strawberry, based on the children’s book by actress Julianne Moore. But his most high-profile post-“Idol” endeavors have been a starring role in a Nationwide Insurance commercial (the same “Life Comes At You Fast” ad campaign that Kevin Federline shot a spot for) and his participation in the second season of “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” alongside Janice Dickinson, two Baldwin brothers, and Speidi. Sanjaya came in fifth on that show, but he was totally robbed–this was a reality competition that even Simon Cowell would agree Sanj deserved to win.

Obviously Sanjaya-mania has died down a bit since Season 6, giving the now-grown-up contestant some time to reflect. Looking back, he understands why he received such harsh critiques at the time. Speaking by phone from New York, where he is currently wrapping up his off-Broadway run as well as recording and assembling a new band, he says: “Pretty much all my vocal training, I got on that show. It’s hard for me to go back and watch all my ‘Idol’ performances, because I see all those things that I learned that I shouldn’t do! Most of what the judges said was true, it was just said in a harsh way. But I value that so much, because that’s what made me grow.” He doesn’t even harbor any ill will towards his toughest critic, Simon, saying, “I really respect him, and I think he kind of taught me the most because he was so hard on me. He really helped me figure out how to fix all my bad habits.”

It should be noted that Sanjaya was just a child–literally, he was barely 17–when he was on “Idol.” He muses: “The thing is, I think between 16 to maybe 22 or 23, you’re still growing and learning. So having to do that in public while you’re still young is…interesting.” It’s amazing he was able to come out of such a whirlwind unscathed, but luckily, he was on “Idol” back in the pre-Twitter era, and he therefore remained blissfully ignorant regarding his haters. “While it was happening, I was in such a bubble; we were pretty much cut off from the outside world. They tell you that you shouldn’t go on blog sites because people say all kinds of things and hearing all that kind of messes with you. So I never knew what the outside world was saying until after I was off the show,” he explains.

But Sanjaya sympathizes with the youngsters on “Idol” this season, with its lower age limit. “As soon as I heard [about the age limit being lowered to 15], I felt kind of uneasy about it,” he admits, “just because you can’t possibly know yourself when you’re 15! You’re growing and learning and going to school and gaining all these experiences, and then when you’re thrown into something like ‘American Idol,’ all that stops. You have to make those compromises and decide, ‘What do I no longer want to be able to have in my childhood?’ Mentally, so much stuff is thrown at you and you’re put in situations where you’re totally stressed out and tired and anxious and nervous–and you still have to perform at your best! It’s crazy to me. But [Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, this season’s youngest remaining contestants] are great. When they develop, they’re going to be even better.”

Speaking of developing, Sanjaya is still working on music, with a new single out in late May (just in time for the “Idol” finale) and a full album due by the year’s end. So what kind of music is dancing in Sanjaya’s head nowadays? “It’s R&B-influenced vocals with kind of funky…I don’t want to say hip-hop, but it has a little bit of hip-hop influence,” he says. “It’s a nice fusion of funk and neo-soul.”

And as for my suggestion, that Sanjaya pursue music by auditioning for Simon Cowell’s new show, “The X Factor USA”? Well, he’s a little cagey–but he hasn’t ruled it out. I personally think he should go back on TV and show Simon everything he’s learned in the last four years…and if you think so too, post your endorsement and encouragement on the message board below. Otherwise, Sanjaya will continue to go the indie route, and we will see if he has the last laugh.

[Top photo courtesy of Fox]

Bradley Robinett,Glenn Conner | fugitives,Bradley Robinett,Glenn Conner

On June 8, 1998, Bradley Steven Robinett robbed a Seattle First National Bank in Bremerton, Wash., taking off with more than $1,000 cash. A few weeks later, he robbed a Bank of America branch in Tigard, Ohio, but this time he came armed. Cops say he surveyed the bank until he determined exactly when they filled their ATMs. He got away with nearly $50,000.

It would be almost five years before cops were able to pin these robberies on Robinett, a former Marine who was dishonorably discharged after an alleged theft while on base. They discovered that he had been hiding loads of firearms underground in Washington’s Olympic National Forest, and when cops unearthed a few of his spots, they found the firearms and car key duplicates.

In 2003, cops say Robinett came across an unattended police car and stole the pistol and body armor that had been issued to a Seattle police officer.

Robinett eluded capture until a cop in Washington checking license plates at a Bremerton motel came across a set of stolen ones. The motel owner identified the car as belonging to Robinett, who was quickly arrested for car theft.

But when cops ran his name through the system, the two bank robberies popped up. Robinett was convicted of multiple counts of bank robbery, unlawful use of firearms, auto theft and possession of stolen property. He was sentenced to seven years in federal prison.

A Life Of Crime Continues

On Aug. 19, 2009, Robinett was released from prison and was supposed to carry out his probation in Washington state — but cops say Robinett never intended to finish his time.

According to police, Robinett took off for the Northwest and resumed his life of crime. They say he stole a Honda Pilot from a home in Portland, Ore., and a license plate from Vancouver, Wash.  Cops believe Robinett would “borrow” keys just long enough to make a copy and then return them, unnoticed. This way he had a fleet of cars at the ready if he ever needed to make a quick escape.

After replacing the plates on the SUV, cops say he took off for Bainbridge Island, Wash., located just across Puget Sound from Seattle. But his ability to evade the law was about to be put to the test. According to police, an officer passed Robinett in his vehicle and had a hunch that something was not right. The cop followed Robinett and ran the license plate. When he discovered the plate was stolen, he attempted to pull Robinett over, but a chase ensued and ended when Robinett high-centered his Honda Pilot onto a boulder at the edge of a trail. But before cops had a chance to get him, Robinett took off on foot, hijacking a kayak at the water’s edge and paddling 10 miles across the Puget Sound.

Cops searched the car Robinett abandoned and found firearms and body armor. They say it appeared he had been living out of the vehicle.

Robinett was last seen in November 2009 when he had another run-in with police. A dedicated detective checking license plates in a Bellevue parking structure in Bellevue discovered yet another Honda Pilot with stolen plates. The officer camped out near the vehicle, hoping to eventually confront the driver, and that’s when the SUV started backing up: Robinett had been hiding inside all along. A chase ensued inside the garage, but the detective was able to beat him to the exit. But Robinett abandoned his vehicle again and took off on foot, disappearing into a crowd of people outside a community college.

Cops Say He Has Extensive Survival Skills

Bradley Steven Robinett is facing charges of escape, felony possessing firearms, and interstate transportation of stolen vehicles. Cops say he has extensive survival training and may still have hidden stashes of firearms. Robinett is a white male with brown hair and brown eyes, standing about 6 feet tall and weighing 165 to 170 pounds. If you think you see him, check out his right index finger: Cops say the top of it is missing due to a firearm accident from childhood.

Investigators have been hard at work trying to bring in Robinett. If you have any information please call our Hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV. Remember: You can remain anonymous.

Wanted For:

  • Escape
  • Felony Possessing Firearms
  • Interstate Transportation of Stolen Vehicles


If you have any information please call 1-800-crime tv or post ur tip at www.amw.com



Well, after 52 million votes, and about 52 minutes of filler, on Thursday another overlong “American Idol” results show came to an end, along with Stefano Langone’s “Idol” run. This was no huge surprise, considering that he was a Wild Card to begin with, and had been in the bottom two the last couple of weeks, although I must say he did give his best performance of the season this week with Ne-Yo’s “Closer.” But Stefano took the bad news in stride, exhibiting the same class and sportsmanship he always has on difficult results nights, and pointing out that as someone who almost didn’t make the top 13 at all (and once nearly died in an accident), he was lucky to have made it this far.

Honestly, it was Stefano’s roommate, James Durbin, who seemed way more upset. The moment Ryan Seacrest announced that it was Stefano–and not the other contestant in the bottom two, Jacob Lusk–who was getting the boot, Stefano’s BFF lost it, openly breaking into sobs with his face in his lap. And at the end of Stefano’s goodbye performance, of Stevie Wonder’s “Lately,” James rushed up, hugged Stefano from behind, and swung him around in the air. Aw. It was truly sad to see this bromance break up…but also sad to see Jacob so blatantly ostracized.

Really, as the contestants said their goodbyes over the end credits, Jacob seemed like the odd man out, hovering on the sidelines exchanging icy handshakes. It appeared that James, and possibly some other contestants, would have preferred that Jacob go instead. The poor guy must have felt awful–kind of like that night when Stefano got booed after he stayed over Pia Toscano.

As for the last spot in the bottom three, that came down to Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery. It seemed that Scotty might finally find out what it’s like to feel the cold molded steel of those bottom-three stools (his performance this week was unanimously panned, plus he went first in the kiss-of-death slot, while Haley did Adele proud). But of course, the invincible Scotty was safe yet again. However, at least Haley, who was also undeservedly in the bottom three last week, didn’t have to sweat too much, as she’d barely had a chance to settle into her stool before Ryan whisked her back to the comforting couch, stage-whispering in her ear, “You’re safe!”

For now, that is. But if Haley keeps landing in the bottom three after dynamite performances like this week’s, how much longer can she survive? Apparently America prefers female singers who try to ape Lady Gaga–like tonight’s guest performer Katy Perry, who sang “E.T.” in some sort of bizarre, LCD-enhanced, queen-of-the-sea-monkeys outfit. What happened to Katy’s cute little ’40s pin-up onesies and original rocker-chick style? Or her old “Adam Lambert” Vegas cape?

And finally, speaking of guest performers, Season 7 champ David Cook, “someone who never felt the sting of rejection” as Ryan put it, was a bright spot, triumphantly returning to the show to sing his fun and Foos-y new anthem, “The Last Goodbye.” (What a fitting title for a results show, huh?) In terms of showmanship and onstage professionalism, Cookie totally showed the top 7 (who’d just slaughtered Train and Coldplay in two typically corny group numbers) how it’s done. But audio-wise, David’s performance lamentably seemed a little off, as if he couldn’t hear himself properly. Did the same sound techs who botched Jacob Lusk’s performance Wednesday night work on David’s too? Well, at least David’s mom seemed happy, since she was mainly there to meet Steven Tyler. Mama Cook got her wish, hugged Steven a little too snugly (David cocked an eyebrow and mock-sternly told Tyler, “We’re gonna have to have a talk once the cameras are off”), and even flashed the metal horns. NowI see where her rocker son gets it from.

Parker out!


Mike Fisher spent the first 11 years of his NHL career in the Canadian capital of Ottawa where the hometown Senators are scrutinized and second-guessed more than members of Parliament. But now that he’s married to country music star Carrie Underwood, it’s not just hockey fans paying attention to his every move.

Underwood, for instance, recently needled him on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” for gobbling up their closet space. “He’s not a hoarder but he’s close,” she said.

In an exclusive interview with ThePostGame.com, Fisher laughs and defends himself: “I’m not that big of a hoarder,” he says. “I do have lots of clothes. But she has me beat in the clothes department.”

Such is life when your wife’s star wattage is even bigger than your own. When the Senators traded Fisher to Nashville in February, the headline in The Tennessean said: “Predators acquire Carrie Underwood’s husband.”

Fisher doesn’t mind the second-fiddle status. “I’m used to it,” he says. “Being in Nashville, I can fly under the radar a bit more. It’s nice to be not recognized as much. Nobody really does, unless I’m with her, obviously. That has been good.”

The trade was a double perk for Fisher. He went from a last-place team to one in the thick of the playoff race, and he went to the city where he and Underwood had planned to settle long term. Underwood and Fisher, who were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, got married in July. But between her music commitments and his hockey schedule, they hadn’t spent much time together before the trade.

“To come from a team that’s been out of it since November to a contender was definitely great,” he says “This was the most frustrating season I’ve had, ever, until I got traded. I get to find out what married life is like and get to live with her. That was the biggest bonus for sure. It definitely simplified things — less travel, our schedule, being organized, stuff like that. That made the transition easy. I’m familiar with the city and have friends in Nashville too. That made it perfect.”

The hockey part of the equation has also worked out well. The Predators have been a perennial playoff team with six appearances in the past seven seasons, but they’ve yet to win a series. They’ve lost to the eventual Stanley Cup champions in their past two appearances, including last year when they had the Blackhawks on the ropes.

Acquiring a center like Fisher, known for his playoff prowess, was a big part of their plan to finally turn that corner. The Predators paid a fairly steep price to Ottawa, giving up a 2011 first-round pick, plus a conditional pick in 2012 that can be as high as a second-rounder if Nashville wins more than one series this year. That cost, along with the $7 million owed to him in the next two seasons, placed significant pressure on him to deliver in the post-season.

“I try not to think about that,” Fisher says. “I just want to go out and play and contribute.”

So far, so good. The Predators are halfway toward winning their first playoff series, after beating the Ducks on Sunday to take a 2-1 lead. Fisher has been hot from the get-go. He had two goals and an assist in Game 1, a 4-1 win for the Preds in Anaheim, and another assist in Game 2.

Then in Game 3 at Nashville — with Underwood in the stands — Fisher picked up a fighting major against Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf in the second period, then bagged the winning goal midway through the third.

“It’s been an easy transition to fit in with this group of guys and the organization,” Fisher says. “It’s been definitely different playing in this kind of market. I’ve enjoyed maybe a little less media attention.”

But if he continues to click at this rate and lead the Predators to their first playoff series win, he figures to have more interviews heaped on his plate, and some of them might even focus 100 percent on pucks.

HollywoodNews.com: Adam Lambert has a lot of devoted fans, but one country star is really loving what the

former ‘American Idol’ contestant is doing with his personal and professional life.

Sugarland member Jennifer Nettles is on board with Lambert’s style, states the Windy City Times. “[T]hank god—and I’ve said this before—for Adam Lambert,” Nettles said about Lambert coming out publicly.

She also added that there is one personal thing in particular that she really loves about Lambert: “I have needed a sexy man to wear eyeliner since The Cure. Since Robert Smith no one has really been able to do it for me in that way.”

Do you like Adam Lambert’s eyeliner as much as she does?

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Clay Aiken back on the road


After a successful run in the Broadway musical “Spamalot,” Season 2 “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken is back on the road in support of his latest album, “Tried and True.” The disc, his first since coming out on the cover of People magazine and becoming a father to 2-year-old Parker, features faithful covers of button-up pop classics from the ’50s and ’60s such as “Mack the Knife,” “Crying” and “Moon River.” Earlier this month, Aiken’s most recent label, Decca Records, reportedly dropped him. We spoke to the 32-year-old North Carolina native in advance of his concert Saturday at the Warfield.

It’s good that Clay’s back on the road. I hope that he comes to Grenada, MS.

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