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LG CEO’s Slip Supports Retina Display for iPad 3


Samsung and LG have been the two considerations for Apple’s next tablet production – iPad 3. Both companies have the kind of display technology Apple would want to use on its third gen tablet. The scales tip in LG’s favor as far as winning this deal goes because of the legal unpleasantness that’s only getting worse between Apple and Samsung.

Rumors of an iPad 3 (or iPad 2 Plus) and an iPhone 5 coming out as early as this September have been going around for a while and there are talks of a boosted display on the next iOS tablet. In a meeting with reporters from Korean Times, LG CEO Kwon Young-soo let out an important point with the statement “more smartphone manufacturers will release new models employing LG’s ‘Retina Display’ that has been used in iPhones and iPads.” Now we know that’s true for iPhone but when he says iPad we can only think he means the upcoming tablet.

Young-soo also criticized Samsung for misleading the market with its OLED display promos saying that the displays are not suitable in terms of picture quality, response time, energy consumption, and contrast ratios for smartphones and tablets.

Rumors of an iPad 3 in September have changed somewhat with the possibility of an iPad 2 Plus or iPad 2 HD that could come with doubled up resolution of 2048x1536p and higher 256dpi, targeting the professional segment. We don’t think Apple will have the Retina display on a bumped up iPad 2 model.  iPad 3 would be our bet.

Apple has slammed a lawsuit on Samsung for copying its tablet and smartphone design with the Galaxy lineup of smartphones and tabs. Samsung is giving back as good as it gets and things are fast reaching melting point. Does this mean Samsung and Apple will no longer be partners? They’ve managed to not let legal troubles get in between their business proceedings till now but with the way things are going, who knows.



So anyways Apple is being sued over the iPhone and ipad location tracking. It comes on the backing of the emergence of a report that came in last week. Apparently, two computer programmers say that Apple’s iOS4 operating system is recording latitude. There really isn’t any evidence to support this claim. It really isn’t certian that the company is even storing this information on databased owned by Apple.

If you want to read more click on the link above and tell what you think.


Apple is apparently facing the “Mother of All Baclogs”. Everyone is asking why?

Apple sold 4.69 million iPads during the first calendar quarter, then there was a steep decline in the fourth quater during the peak of the holiday season. The news raised many eyebrows.

It’s difficult to characterize Apple’s iPad sales numbers as a shortfall, because the ipad 2 hasn’t been here for a year yet. So, read more about this and leave a comment.

Kids Are New Target For iPad 2 Sales


Ok, this is what I found on google today. Kids are the new targets for ipad 2 sales. Toy’R’Us just began to ssale the ipad 2. Toys’R’Us has become the 8th  authorised retailer of the ipad 2. This is very revealing on Apples part because it shows just how far Apple is stretching out. It’s likely to have the same price, but you may have to pay alittle bit more if you want the smart cover.(Sorry) 😦 Despite being a new ipad 2 retailer, the short supply has effect Toys’R’ Us  has been effect also.(sorry again) If you want to read more click on the site above and tell me what you think.

‘World of Goo’ launches for Apple devices


Studio 2D Boy has released a puzzle called World of Goo for  Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The object of the game is to move as many balls of goo through a pipe as possible. Sometimes, you have to build bridges  out of goo to pass gaps or reshape the goo to move past obstacles.

This game was first released by Nintendo Wii through its WiiWare digital download service . The version for Apple devices will cost $2.99. But if u get it within the next 24 hours u  can get it for 99 cents. There’s also an HD version for iPad that costs $4.99.

Apple iPad 3 Unlikely for Fall 2011: Report


So, like what I said yesterday. Mr. Howell wants me to post something about information technology. So, I’m supposed to do this all week.

It’s unlikely that Apple will release the Ipad 3 this year. (Think about it Ipad 2 just came out). If this is accurate, then the rumors that Apple intends to follow-up the March release of the Ipad 2 with another tabletbefore the holidays is false. (sorry guys) 😦 But, if the Ipad 3 were to be launch by the end of this year would represent a severe deviation from the company’s usual roadmap, and of course its product refreshes,that those rumors are false.

Sorry again guys but the Ipad 3 isn’t coming out this year but hey there’s always next year. 🙂

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