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Deen Castronovo

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Daniel S Levine

                    After the drummer allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, sources claim he would not let her call her father

Deen Castronovo, the current touring drummer for Journey, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend while in Oregon over the weekend.

TMZ reported Thursday that sources close to Castronovo said he was arrested Saturday. He had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend, whose name has not been reported.

A Polk County Jail representative confirmed the story to E! News, saying that he was arrested by Salem police and charged with coercion, assault, criminal mischief, interfering with making a report and harassment.

Sources told TMZ that additional charges were added because after the alleged physical fight, the drummer attempted to stop his girlfriend from calling her father by grabbing the phone right out of her hands.

E! News could not reach Castronovo’s representative, but one told TMZ that the incident was a “misunderstanding that should not have been escalated to such a level in the first place.”

According to Spinner, Castronovo has been performing with the “Don’t Stop Believin’” band since 1998. He has appeared on every one of their records since 2001’s Arrival. He also appeared on Journey’s 2011 album, Eclipse, notes E! News.

He was held on $52,500 bail, which he posted and was released. It was not announced when he would be due in court next.


Michaele SalahiI Take The 5th on Adultery


Michaele Salahi

will neither confirm nor deny she banged Journey guitarist Neal Schon behind her husband’s back … this according to new legal docs.

Turns out, adultery is a CRIME in Virginia … and if Michaele admits that she slept around with Schon while she was married to Tareq Salahi, she could be punished by the law.

So, instead of responding to the adultery accusations Tareq included in his divorce filing — Michaele has now filed documents in which she “asserts her privilege pursuant to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution not to respond.”

Additionally, admitting to adultery could put Michaele at a serious disadvantage in her divorce proceedings — because as we first reported, the couple’s pre-nup stipulates … if Michaele commits adultery, she gets zilch for spousal support.

Sources close to Michaele tell TMZ, she’s not concerned — because Michaele was already separated from Tareq when she started dating Neal. The couple celebrated their four-month anniversary on Friday.

For the record — the crime of adultery in Virginia is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a $250 fine.

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