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Just one more year and it will be all over

Today, I “pick” up ¬†schedule at school, then had to turn it back in because they messed it up(took 2 classes off and put me and changed another). I should get it back the first day of school hopefully they wont mess it up again. I also got some test results in (passed YAY!). Hopefully everything else will go smoothly until school gets started. MAybe I’ll try to get a prayer group started this year, or a reading group, or maybe I’ll join some groups,but I’m not sure yet. I’ll find out when I get there. I’m hoping to do some blog posts about school. (not sure if I mentioned that earlier) If anything interseting happens I’ll blog about it. Hopefully this year will be an epic one. So if anything happens I’ll let ya’ll guys know.



Here are some more pictures I found on www.google.com that I like.

epic fails

So I was www.google.com and I was looking at some epic fails and I thought I would post some on my blog.

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