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O.E.C. Japanese Express

So yesterday I went to to O.E.C Japanese Express that just open here in Grenada. school 021

This is the first Japanese restaurant Grenada has had so I had to try it out. I order the Titanic Roll. school 017

It was EPIC!!!!!! It was the best thing I have ever eaten. Not only was that good the fried rice was really good.school 018So if you’re in the Grenada area and haven’t tried O.E.C. Japanese Express go and try. school 019It’s right next to Game Stop.

Are you going to thunder on water?

Dillon Seals

Murder suspect Dillon Seals was caught today about 12:15 and is now in custody at the Grenada County Jail. Seals was found in the attic of a house on Highway 8 East near the former Dixie Auto Auction

Amber Alert

BOLO: 17 yr old murder suspect, black male 5’5″ no shirt and purple/yellow basketball shorts last seen on foot near Hwy 8 East/Elementary School area.  Everyone he’s considered a flight risk so please if you see him please call the Grenada police department imminently.

No Bolivar County burn ban yet


Not only here in Bolivar County but across the Mississippi Delta over the past  several weeks, dark clouds of rising smoke have cluttered the horizon in every  direction.

The voices of many a concerned citizen ring loudly in boards  of aldermen and supervisors meetings in the towns that litter the landscape of  the Mississippi Delta, but they are, more often than not, ringing on deaf  ears.

“I am concerned. I am concerned for the private properties that  surround many of the burning fields, but I am more concerned with the  potentially devastating effect that the smoke will likely have on the  environment. Only living in the Delta for a few years, I cannot believe that the  EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has not stepped in and put an end to these  senseless burnings,” said one citizen at one of these small town Delta  meetings.

“There is some legitimate concern there,” said a representative  from the Mississippi Forestry Commission. “But the simple truth is that by law  we cannot step in until we are asked by the individual county board of  supervisors.

Last year, Gov. Haley Barbour, passed a law banning any  burns within the boarders of the state of Mississippi.

This was because  of the drought affecting much of the state and the fear that these ‘wildfires’ would ultimately burn out of control causing severe damages to adjoining  properties.

However, there are some that benefit from these  burnings.

Farmers have a tough job. Every year they are fighting the odds — Mother Nature, new machinery, higher fuel prices and lower commodity prices  just to name a few.

In their minds, burning fields is a simple, cost  effective way of removing crop stubble from the fields that have been harvested  in preparation of planting the new crops.

Area farmers have been burning  fields for years. Their fathers did it and now they are simply following in the  process.

However, this year has been undeniably worse than others of  recent memory due to the fact that the county has had more wheat planted this  year than in years passed.

The high winds that often torment this area of  the U.S. during the spring and early summer months makes the process of burning  that much more of a sensitive and dangerous topic.

Again, burn bans are  requested by the county board of supervisors before being approved by the  Mississippi Forestry Commission.

Several Mississippi Counties currently  find themselves under burn bans, such as Amite, Copiah, George, Hancock,  Harrison, Jackson, Jones, Lincoln, Marion, Pike and Stone.

Read more:  The Bolivar Commercial – No Bolivar County burn ban yet



thunder on water part 2

Hey guys here’s the second installment (and last) of the Thunder on Water blogs. Today I went to the arts and crafts(again) it was alittle disappionting because I was hoping that they would put more stands put there, but there weren’t many new stands. Then I went to the car show, now I’m not really big into cars so to me it was alittle boring, but that’s just me. If you’re really into cars then you’ll enjoy it.As for the wrestling and tracker pull thing I didny stay for those so I really can’t say weather or not they were good. Well, this is it for today please comment and tell me what you think about Thunder on Water or what you think about my blogs. later

Ok the other night (Wensday) I went to the ninethenth aunnl Thunder on Water. It was pretty good for the most part. They had more rides that would intersete people closer to my age than last year, which was a good thing. This year I’m hoping to  go to the wrestling event that’s supposed to happen tomorrow, and my dad wants to go to the tracker pull. Well, that’s is about it. I’ll try to let ya’ll know more about Thunder on Water and how it went. Bye

The Japanese Language

So, if you’re reading this one of two things have happened. 1.) You were bored and was looking for something to read or 2.) You like to read my blog posts. But, hey your reading my blog and I aperate that. Thank you. 🙂 Let see what can I put in today’s post. Well, I really want to learn the Japanese language, but the problem is I’m not sure how I can do that. I mean there aren’t many people here in Grenada willing to teach me. If any of know someone please let me know.  What else, uhm….yea I’m looking for new ways to study up on math so I’ll be ready for the ACT in September. So yea that’s it. If you have anything you’s like to see me post or anything like that please leave a comment. Bye.

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