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So it’s kindof late post

Well, Friday was graduation.  It started off like any other day. I did what I normally did just stayed around the house and went to town to do a couple of things. Then around six the evening I left for the high school. Graduation went faster than I expect. I thought it was going to take a while, but it didn’t. After graduation me, Alexis, Allison, Steven, and Daniel left for the Waffle House. We had an awesome time. But it was a bittersweet moment for me. Because I know that next year I wont be coming back to Grenada High School and see all my friends who didn’t graduate this year. I know I should be happy and I am but it’s kind of sad. But,  there are things I’m looking forward to. I’ll be starting college in the fall and I’m going on mission fuge again this year.(which I’ll blog about) So yea be expecting that and please like my post and leave a comment below. Later!

Senior year is finally here

Past mistakes from years before are over and done

Senior year is finally here and it’s time to make memories that’ll last

It’s time to start a new and become a different person

Senior year is finally here and it’s time for graduation

It’s time for last goodbyes and first hellos

Senior year is finally here


Just one more year and it will be all over

Today, I “pick” up  schedule at school, then had to turn it back in because they messed it up(took 2 classes off and put me and changed another). I should get it back the first day of school hopefully they wont mess it up again. I also got some test results in (passed YAY!). Hopefully everything else will go smoothly until school gets started. MAybe I’ll try to get a prayer group started this year, or a reading group, or maybe I’ll join some groups,but I’m not sure yet. I’ll find out when I get there. I’m hoping to do some blog posts about school. (not sure if I mentioned that earlier) If anything interseting happens I’ll blog about it. Hopefully this year will be an epic one. So if anything happens I’ll let ya’ll guys know.


iPad 2 in kindergarten classrooms: A good idea?


Here’s a question is having the ipad 2 in kindergarten a good idea?

Well, a school districe in Maine approved a $200,000 initiative that would give each of its 285 kindergarten students a new hands-on tool: Their very own ipad 2. Their calling this a ” revolution in education”. Now I remember when I was in Kindergarten we didn’t get anything like the ipad 2. All we had were computers that are now out of date.(I was in kindergarten in the late 90’s)

This isn’t the first time that Maine became an early tech adoter. In 2002, Maine was the first state to give out laptops to middle school students and later high school students as a part of a move to boost literacy.

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