The Duggar family continues to let their loyal fanbase in on the developments after Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar discovered that their 20th child had passed away while still in Michelle’s womb. Last Friday, Jim Bob posted a letter to the fans thanking them for their support and adding “we also know that God promises to work all things for good in our lives.” As promised, they’ve updated their readers and viewers with news of the memorial service for their child, who they named Jubilee Shalom Duggar.

Surprising choice for a baby name, since “jubilee” brings to mind emancipation and celebration. However, “shalom” is a fitting middle name, since according to Merriam-Webster it means hello and goodbye. Even though the Duggars are saying goodbye to their daughter in this memorial service, Michelle and Jim Bob believe that they will meet her again in heaven someday.

When doctors determined, during a routine ultrasound, that the Duggars’ baby had already passed away, they advised Michelle to stay home and let the miscarriage occur naturally. However, Jim Bob mentioned on the blog that Michelle began feeling lightheaded and went to the hospital last night.

The large reality show clan already held a private memorial service for Jubilee; on Wednesday they will hold another one for family and close friends. No word yet on where or what time it will be, but it’ll be interesting to see if the paparazzi track down the location.