As you can tell from the title I’m going to talk about online classes and why I’m not going to take them again. When I first signed up for my classes I found out that the only way I could take one of my classes,which just so happened to be my major, is if I sign up for the online class. What I didn’t know was how stressful taking an online class would be for me. I would drop the class, but I can’t now and I like seeing things through to the end. The one good thing about online classes, however, is that you don’t take many tests, which is good. The bad thing about tests though you have to schedule to a certain time to take it with in a certain time, and if you don’t schedule it soon enough you may not be able to take it where you want to take it. Like me for example I wanted to take my test at the campus I’m at but I couldn’t because I didn’t schedule my test soon enough and I had to go to a different campus just to take the test.  My advice to all of you who is thinking about taking an online class is that you should consider is it really for you. Do you get stressed easy or do you prefer face to face interaction? Because if you do then online classes aren’t for you. Just take whatever classes feel comfortable to you and enough your time in college because it’ll fly by fast.