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Where I’m at right now

Hey people! If you’re reading this right now then one of two things have happened: 1.) You were bored or 2.) You actually want to know what’s going on in my life right. Well, either way you’re reading so let’s get started.  College will be starting on August 20th. I still to finish signing up for some classes and a few other things, but I’m pretty much set. I’ll be blogging about my life in college so please check that out. 🙂 As for my plans for this summer I’ll be attending mission fuge again this year. I’ll be blogging about that too. (I’m going to go more into detail about mission fuge in a later post so watch put for that.) But, other than that I’m really not doing anything. This hopefully will give me time to write more poem and work on my mission fuge scrapbook. Well, that’s all that’s going on at the moment. I’ll post more blogs soon and I hope ya’ll read them. please like and leave a comment. Later!

There Will be a Day

Here’s another poem hope ya’ll guys like it.

There will be a day were we get to meet you face to face

There will be a day were every head will bow and every knee will bend

There will be a day when every  tongue will confess that you are Lord

There will be a day when all the angels will sing “hallelujah”

There will be a day where we’ll rejoice at your name

There will be a day

Ok, I’m sure if I should end it there or not but here you go. Hope you  guys like it. 🙂


more poems

I wrote this poem last year for a class I was in. Hope you like it.


Kind, funny, moody

Reading, writing, going to church

Homework, fixing the computer, group work

Harry Potter, Vampire Knight,  A Year Down Yonder

The dark, wielding, failure

Individual work, teachers, clubs

Graduate and going to college




Here are some more pictures I found on www.google.com that I like.


Friends, friends, friends

what I am going to do with these friends of mine

Friends, friends,friends my friends are really insane

Friends, friends, friends my friends are great lol 🙂

Friends, friends, friends where would I’d be without my crazy friends

So anyway

So anyway here’s some pictures I got off of www.google.com.


My heart full of regret

My heart regrets hurting you

My heart can’t bare to see you sad  and hurting

Please forgive me for the hurt I caused you

What If by April Little

What if

I have a what if:

What if what if each person

you in contact with leaves apart of

themsevles behind when they leave your

life forever.

What if what if they recieve apart of you

without even realzing it.

What if what if it can’t be taken back, given away or left behind

What if it remains with you forever

what if…

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