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mission fuge the last one

Well, here we are the last post for mission fuge for this year. The week was fun. I got to meet many new people like Elizabeth, David, Blake,Ben, and many others. I really hope to get to do it next year. I don’t know if I’ll do social again, but if I do I hope we get to fo to the boys home, the food ware house, and the other places we went again. One of my favorite things we did was when we got to dress up as our favorite cartoon character. There  were people who dress up as sponge bob, the smifs, and my favorite  101 dolmations chararters.  It was also very emontial. I’m not really going to go into that because there may be people who’d not want me to say. But it was a very fun week and I hope to get todo it again.

So, this is my fifth prequel to the mission fuge series.(I’m sorry for wasting ya’ll time). I’m almost done packing just got to finish putting couple extra things in my bag and I’ll be done. I’ll be getting up early so that I can be ready and out the door bye 7:30 and if everything goes soomthly will be leaving by 8:00. I’m really exicted, but nevrous like I said before. This is really new for me as some of you may know. But, I proablywont be able to get todo this again so I’m goign to take it and run with it. After the week is over I’m planning (hoping really) to post another blog and tell you about how mission fuge went down. 🙂 Hope you like this series. I really am sorry if all these prequels are getting on your nervous. Please comment and tell me what you think of my blogs. 🙂


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