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two days and couting mission fuge 4

Ok, I know that I keep post prequels and I’m sorry if I’m getting on anyone’s nervous. (I must post something.)  As you can tell by the title I, and everyone else who is going on mfuge, has less than two days til we leave. This is what I’m planning on doing during mission fuge.

1.) Meet new people(hopefully my shyness will not get in the way).

2.) Try new things.

3.) Learn more about God and grow in my relationship with him.

4.) Get as many pictures as I possibly can.

5.) Lastly, have as much fun as I can.

I’m also planning to come up with more topics for my blogs. So, comment and tell me what you think about my blogs or tell me what kind of topics you want me to blog about.





mission fuge part 3

Ok, I know I’ve already post two prequels to the mission fuge serious ,but I thought I’d  post another one. Right now I’m really nervous about going. I’ve only been out of state once, and I was two at the time so I don’t really remember that trip. Can anyone tell me to calm my nervous? Please comment. Well, this is it for this post. bye

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