Last night I tuned in to watch American Idol. All I have t say about the L.A. auditions were a bust. I not saying that everyone who auditioned were horrible there were in fact some constantats that were very talented. Like Karen Rodriquez who in J-lo’s words sang with “beautiful control.”   But there seemed to have been people who didn’t really hve any talent at all such as “Matt “Big Stats” Frankel , a musical impresario of some sort, rapped and sang, very badly, but left unbowed. “Talk about delusional people,” Randy groaned. ”

Then there was Cooper Robinson, a street performer who was dress like he was ready for Mardi Gras. On it says that “He stomped and hooted and sang (a little) “I Feel Good.” I guess he was meant to be this season’s answer to last year’s Larry Platt, who became a minor novelty sensation with the number “Pants on the Ground.” Cooper Robinson was no Larry Platt.

It also said that “Ryan  promised richer talent at next week’s San Francisco auditions. That won’t be hard.”