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Updates, Updates, and More Updates.

Hello everyone, long time no post. Since my last post there has been many events going on in my life. I went to the  E-Women’s conference in October, seen Michael O’Brian three times (he was at the conference), and saw the Newsboys and Casting Crowns as well.

The biggest thing that has happened to me is that I got married! It had been a very stressful  process but we made it. I’m very glad that the whole process is over. This last thing I wanted to talk about is that I know that I haven’t posted in a very long time and sadly that probably won’t change, but I’m hoping to post when I can.

I’m thinking about posting stories that I had written during my final semester at college. Some will be real others not, but I would like to do this. So, I’m going to end this here, and I hope I’ll be able to post again in the near future. Bye

Graduations 2015

Graduation 2015 Part Two 031 Graduation 2015 Part Two 018 Graduation 2015 Part Two 010 Graduation 2015 Part One 014 Graduation 2015 Part One 004 Graduation 2015 Part One 012 Graduation 2015 Part One 001 Graduation 2015 Part One 034 Job's For Life Graduation Spring 2015 026 Job's For Life Graduation Spring 2015 017 Job's For Life Graduation Spring 2015 013

Time Flies!

Hey people! Well, school is coming to a close for many people around the country, the weather is getting warmer, and many other things are going on. Not only is graduation for college but graduation for Christian Women’s Job Corp.

Boy, time flies. It feels like only yesterday that it started. I learned a lot. Everything from resumes to interview skills. Even learning more about God. I know after this week I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess start looking for a job. I know that I’ll do better at giving an interview then I did before I went through this program. I know that God will help me with this.

Other than graduating from college and from Christian Women’s Job Corp I’ll, along with Steven, will be planning our wedding. There’s so much to do. lol But it’ll be next year before we know it!

So, I’ll keep ya’ll up to date on what’s going on in Aprilslife.


Where have I been?

So ya’ll may be thinking where I have been. Well, that’s a good question.

I’ve been doing quick a bit since my last post.

Like getting finished with school. The 2014 fall semester was my last semester. Even though I received my diploma in December I will be walking in May.

Not only that I went to State Wide with the Wesley Foundation in February.

I also went to The Newsboys Concert in March and a Women’s Conference in February. (I’ll do separate posts for those.) Now I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but for me it is. lol

That and I never know what to post. But anyway, in addition to all of that. I’m getting ready for three graduations.

One be Christian Women’s Job Corp, another will be my college graduation, and the last will be for my boyfriend Steven (college). Which I’ll hopefully post something about.

I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, and I do apologize for that. I’ll try to get better at posting more.

At some point I’ll, hopefully, come up with some ideas for post. If ya’ll want to talk about something specific please let me know.

Moments From Holmes Community College

school 058
school 017Oct. Fest 031Oct. Fest 03222nd b-day 017

22nd b-day 020

22nd b-day 021

22nd b-day 009

22nd b-day 005

Christmas Party 004

Christmas Party 002

BSU 033cookout 014

cookout 005

cookout 016

cookout 001

Christ Communtiy 004

Christ Communtiy 008

Christ Communtiy 015

Last Day OF School 020

Last Day OF School 021

Last Day OF School 022

Last Day OF School 023

Last Day OF School 024

Murder At the Holmes House

Murder at the Holmes House
I woke up on a dreary Thursday morning. “Looks like we’re going to get some rain today,” I think to myself as I get ready for school. But, all I could think of is what happened to Mrs. Ritz and Ricky the previous week.
As I arrived at school it had started to rain. “Oh, joy the rain,” I think to myself as I park my car and walked in.
Even though it was a week ago it still feels strange not having Creative Writing.
“Hey Megan,” call Selby.
“Hey, Selby,” I said.
“What’s up,” she asked in her usual prep manner.
“Nothing much. Still thinking about what happened last week,” I said.
“I know. I wonder who could have done it.”
“The police have three suspects,” I said.
“Really, who?”
“There’s Chris, because Ricky and Mrs. Ritz had found out about his plans to hack into the school’s system to change his grades.”
“Then, there is Brea because Ricky wouldn’t go out with her and she just didn’t like Mrs. Ritz.”
“Lastly, there’s Mr. Drew, because Mrs. Ritz turned him down so many times.
“Hey, maybe we can find out who kill Mrs. Ritz and Ricky,” said Selby.
“Now Selby you know that’s for the police,” I said.
“I’m serious,” she said. “And besides what else to we have to do we don’t have class anyway.”
“Alright then I’m in, but we got to be discreet about it.”
“K,” Selby said.
As the day wore on me and Selby asked around. All of the suspects denied killing Ricky and Mrs. Ritz of course. But, we did find out something interesting about Chris. He’s really good with poisons. Which is how both victims were killed. Not only that he hasn’t been acting since the murders.
“Could it be he just feels guilty about what happened , and that he couldn’t patch things up with them,” ask Selby.
“I don’t know maybe,” I said.
“But, what about the other two suspects,” I asked.
“They have been acting strange too,” said Selby.
“I don’t know about you Selby, but I think we need to go to the scene of the crime.”
When we got to the scene we found it like it always had been. The only thing different was the crime scene tape that had been left by the police.
“I missed being here,” Selby said.
“It’ll never be the same though,” I said.
“I know,” Selby said.
“Why’d it have to be at the Holmes House,” she asked longingly.
“Let get started,” I said taking charge.
As we looked we found that nothing out of the ordinary.
“Didn’t you say that Chris was good with poisons,” I asked.
“Yea,” said Selby.
“But, the poisons that were used were from medicines that you can easily get over the counter, and everyone knows what happens if a person take too much of the drugs that were found in their system.”
“Hey who’s that,” Selby asked.
Then, everything went dark.
To Be Continued.

From October Fest

Oct. Fest 043
These are just some of the pictures from October Fest.
Oct. Fest 031Oct. Fest 032Oct. Fest 039

October Fest 2014

Hey guys! Aprilslife here. Just wanted to give ya’ll a quick update. As ya’ll already know it’s the day before Halloween. Which means for many people they will be attending October Fest. Which is true for Holmes Community College. Today is our annual October Fest. This year we will have a rock wall and jumpers. Not only that but twister, and a lot of other fun stuff. So, if ya’ll go to Holmes Community College please come you’ll have a blast. It’s from 12-3pm. Hope to see ya’ll there.


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