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Murder At the Holmes House

Murder at the Holmes House
I woke up on a dreary Thursday morning. “Looks like we’re going to get some rain today,” I think to myself as I get ready for school. But, all I could think of is what happened to Mrs. Ritz and Ricky the previous week.
As I arrived at school it had started to rain. “Oh, joy the rain,” I think to myself as I park my car and walked in.
Even though it was a week ago it still feels strange not having Creative Writing.
“Hey Megan,” call Selby.
“Hey, Selby,” I said.
“What’s up,” she asked in her usual prep manner.
“Nothing much. Still thinking about what happened last week,” I said.
“I know. I wonder who could have done it.”
“The police have three suspects,” I said.
“Really, who?”
“There’s Chris, because Ricky and Mrs. Ritz had found out about his plans to hack into the school’s system to change his grades.”
“Then, there is Brea because Ricky wouldn’t go out with her and she just didn’t like Mrs. Ritz.”
“Lastly, there’s Mr. Drew, because Mrs. Ritz turned him down so many times.
“Hey, maybe we can find out who kill Mrs. Ritz and Ricky,” said Selby.
“Now Selby you know that’s for the police,” I said.
“I’m serious,” she said. “And besides what else to we have to do we don’t have class anyway.”
“Alright then I’m in, but we got to be discreet about it.”
“K,” Selby said.
As the day wore on me and Selby asked around. All of the suspects denied killing Ricky and Mrs. Ritz of course. But, we did find out something interesting about Chris. He’s really good with poisons. Which is how both victims were killed. Not only that he hasn’t been acting since the murders.
“Could it be he just feels guilty about what happened , and that he couldn’t patch things up with them,” ask Selby.
“I don’t know maybe,” I said.
“But, what about the other two suspects,” I asked.
“They have been acting strange too,” said Selby.
“I don’t know about you Selby, but I think we need to go to the scene of the crime.”
When we got to the scene we found it like it always had been. The only thing different was the crime scene tape that had been left by the police.
“I missed being here,” Selby said.
“It’ll never be the same though,” I said.
“I know,” Selby said.
“Why’d it have to be at the Holmes House,” she asked longingly.
“Let get started,” I said taking charge.
As we looked we found that nothing out of the ordinary.
“Didn’t you say that Chris was good with poisons,” I asked.
“Yea,” said Selby.
“But, the poisons that were used were from medicines that you can easily get over the counter, and everyone knows what happens if a person take too much of the drugs that were found in their system.”
“Hey who’s that,” Selby asked.
Then, everything went dark.
To Be Continued.

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

Hey, people! Sorry for the lack if posts, I’ve been relatively lazy when it comes to posting blogs. But, I’m back so let’s gets started.

I’ve started my last semester at Holmes Community College. This semester I’m taking creative writing. So be expecting my work in upcoming blogs. I’m also taking piano and some other classes.

Currently, with SGA (Student Government) we’re planning October Fest. What we’re going to do will be great so if ya’ll go to the Grenada Center defiantly check it out.

We have another program coming up here at the Grenada Center. We’re having illusionists come. This is a first, because we never had illusionists come, it’s mostly been musicians.

But, other then that there hasn’t been much going on. So, be expecting more posts about creative writing and maybe reviews from programs that I attend at school. If ya’ll want to see any particular types of posts just let me know in the comments below.


Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord,”plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


So last night was prom. After months of waiting it finally arrived. Had everything ready. Got my hair and nails done, pick up my order at the flower shop, and finally it was time for prom. My date looked great in his tuxedo and I had the pretty dress ever on. Me and my date danced to almost every song played. One of my friends had a blast on the dance floor. Before prom I wasn’t sure about my hair appointment, because it had to be rescheduled. But other than that everything thing went perfectly. The king and queen was Guy and Shelby which was nice. The food was great. The decorations were awesome. Many of the dresses I saw were pretty.(even though some of them were what you would expect Barbie or a ballerina to wear)lol I had a great time and I knoww I’ll nev er forget last night.


The Duggars share a lot with viewers on TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting,” but  this may just be one of the most unique things yet.

The family, who lost their 20th child, baby Jubilee Shalom Duggar, in a  miscarriage earlier this month, shared photos of the baby fetus in images that  were shown at the memorial.

The controversial photos were first posted on Twitter by a family member  before quickly making their way around the Internet, according  to TMZ.

In them, a set of tiny feet are held between someone’s – presumably  Michelle’s – thumb and index finger.

“There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world,”  one photo reads.

Hundreds of family members and friends turned out for the service, held  Wednesday in Springdale, Ark. Michelle, who knew she would be too emotional to  express her thoughts and feelings in front of the overwhelming crowd, instead  played a letter she had read and recorded, according to People.

“I feel a great sorrow and grief, and yet at the same time I have a peace in  my heart,” the 45-year-old mother said. “This is so sad, but I have peace.

“There are people praying for us and angels surrounding our home, and there  was peace in the sorrow and the grief. Those feelings are mingled together.”

The Duggars first  learned of the tragedy during a routine checkup Dec. 8 when their doctor  couldn’t locate the tiny baby’s heartbeat.

“We had just been talking about baby names last night and they were getting  excited about naming a boy or a girl,” Michelle said at the time of breaking the  news to her 19 children. “It has been a real sad disappointment.”

But the family is choosing to look on the bright side of the situation.

“We have so much to be thankful for,” Michelle told People. “I know that in  the days and weeks to come there will be other things that I will walk through,  and grief that will come, and there will be times that we will worship and sing  praises.

“I know that God will allow me to continue to release the emotions that I  will release.”

Added Jim Bob: “I really believe  that God sees the bigger picture. I hope that her short life can encourage other  people who have gone through things like this.”



Neal Schon & Michaele SalahiSlap some jingle bells on Neal Schon … ’cause the Journey guitarist just delivered a kick ass gift for some Bay Area high schoolers, and no … it’s not Michaele Salahi.
Neal and Michaele hit up his son’s alma mater — San Rafael High School — to support their Christmas Tree sale on Thursday. They purchased an 18-footer … the biggest one available, naturally. Neal also donated some serious holiday loot to the school — a custom guitar signed by Journey (see below) … along with two “Eclipse” CDs, also signed by the band.

Neal Schon Guitar

Cash from the tree sale goes to the school’s music program — and the axe is one sweet piece of memorabilia for the school to display.
Your move, Santa.

Will Daniel Radcliffe Marry Rosanne Coker?

Daniel Radcliffe

Is Daniel Radcliffe already ready to marry his girlfriend
Roseanne Coker?

The identity of his mystery woman was just recently revealed to the public,
but evidently Dan knows her well enough to want to walk down the aisle with

The actor met Roseanne Coker on the set of Harry Potter and the Half
Blood Prince
, and the two have been dating secretly for a year. So while it
might be shocking to the public for Dan to get engaged to the cute brunette,
they’ve actually been together quite a long time by Hollywood standards. After
all, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Nikki Reed
didn’t wait long to get engaged — none of them were together for anything close
to a year before deciding to get married.

There’s just one tiny problem with Daniel Radcliffe’s desire to marry Roseanne
Coker — he allegedly hasn’t mustered up the courage to ask her to marry him
yet. And keep in mind that the news of Dan’s planned proposal comes from “a source,” so it
could turn out to be one of the many false relationship rumors that popular
young stars like Dan have to deal with on a daily basis.

However, he and Roseanne have reportedly already met the in-laws, and
everyone gets on together just fine. So maybe she will end up being the one and
Daniel will become the first young Harry Potter star to get hitched. But if the
proposal rumors prove to be false and Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t plan on walking
down the aisle with a woman in white anytime soon, at least he gets some free
publicity for his movie The Woman in Black out of the tabloid

Photo Source: Flickr



Mohammed I’m sorry I got offline so fast. My computer crashed and now the inter is missed up. Now I have to use the libraries computer. I love you. Kiss. Hug.

ISHINOMAKI, Japan – When water begins to trickle down the streets of her coastal neighborhood, Yoshiko Takahashi knows it is time to hurry home.

Twice a day, the flow steadily increases until it is knee-deep, carrying fish and debris by her front door and trapping people in their homes. Those still on the streets slosh through the sea water in rubber boots or on bicycle.

“I look out the window, and it’s like our houses are in the middle of the ocean,” says Takahashi, who moved in three years ago.

The March 11 earthquake that hit eastern Japan was so powerful it pulled the entire country out and down into the sea. The mostly devastated coastal communities now face regular flooding, because of their lower elevation and damage to sea walls from the massive tsunamis triggered by the quake.

In port cities such as Onagawa and Kesennuma, the tide flows in and out among crumpled homes and warehouses along now uninhabited streets.

A cluster of neighborhoods in Ishinomaki city is rare in that it escaped tsunami damage through fortuitous geography. So, many residents still live in their homes, and they now face a daily trial: The area floods at high tide, and the normally sleepy streets turn frantic as residents rush home before the water rises too high.

“I just try to get all my shopping and chores done by 3 p.m.,” says Takuya Kondo, 32, who lives with his family in his childhood home.

Most houses sit above the water’s reach, but travel by car becomes impossible and the sewage system swamps, rendering toilets unusable.

Scientists say the new conditions are permanent.

Japan’s northern half sits on the North American tectonic plate. The Pacific plate, which is mostly undersea, normally slides under this plate, slowly nudging the country west. But in the earthquake, the fault line between the two plates ruptured, and the North American plate slid up and out along the Pacific plate.

The rising edge of plate caused the sea floor off Japan’s eastern coast to bulge up — one measuring station run by Tohoku University reported an underwater rise of 16 feet (5 meters) — creating the tsunami that devastated the coast. The portion of the plate under Japan was pulled lower as it slid toward the ocean, which caused a corresponding plunge in elevation under the country.

Some areas in Ishinomaki moved southeast 17 feet (5.3 meters) and sank 4 feet (1.2 meters) lower.

“We thought this slippage would happen gradually, bit by bit. We didn’t expect it to happen all at once,” says Testuro Imakiire, a researcher at Japan’s Geospatial Information Authority, the government body in charge of mapping and surveys.

Imakiire says the quake was powerful enough to move the entire country, the first time this has been recorded since measurements began in the late 19th century. In Tokyo, 210 miles (340 kilometers) from Ishinomaki, parts of the city moved 9 inches (24 centimeters) seaward.

The drop lower was most pronounced around Ishinomaki, the area closest to the epicenter. The effects are apparent: Manholes, supported by underground piping, jut out of streets that fell around them. Telephone poles sank even farther, leaving wires at head height.

As surrounding areas clear rubble and make plans to rebuild, residents in this section of Ishinomaki are stuck in limbo — their homes are mostly undamaged and ineligible for major insurance claims or government compensation, but twice a day the tide swamps their streets.

“We can’t really complain, because other people lost so much,” says Yuichiro Mogi, 43, as his daughters examine a dead blowfish floating near his curb.

The earthquake and tsunami left more than 25,000 people either dead or missing, and many more lost their homes and possessions.

Mogi noticed that the daily floods were slowly carrying away the dirt foundation of his house, and built a small embankment of sandbags to keep the water at bay. The shipping company worker moved here 10 years ago, because he got a good deal on enough land to build a home with a spacious front lawn, where he lives with his four children and wife.

Most of the residences in the area are relatively new.

“Everyone here still has housing loans they have to pay, and you can’t give away this land, let alone sell it,” says Seietsu Sasaki, 57, who also has to pay off loans on two cars ruined in the flooding.

Sasaki, who moved in 12 years ago with his extended family, says he hopes the government can build flood walls to protect the neighborhood. He never paid much attention to the tides in the past, but now checks the newspaper for peak times each morning.

Officials have begun work on some embankments, but with much of the city devastated, resources are tight. Major construction projects to raise the roads were completed before the tsunami, but much of that work was negated when the ground below them sank.

The constant flooding means that construction crews can only work in short bursts, and electricity and running water were restored only about two weeks ago. The area still doesn’t have gas for hot water, and residents go to evacuee shelters to bathe.

“We get a lot of requests to build up these areas, but we don’t really have the budget right now,” says Kiyoshi Koizumi, a manager in Ishinomaki’s roads and infrastructure division.

Sasaki says he hopes they work something out soon: Japan’s heavy summer rains begin in about a month, and the higher tides in autumn will rise well above the floor of his house.

By EBEN HARRELL / LONDON Eben Harrell / London Fri Apr 29, 1:40 pm ET

Technically, it was an act of treason. Britain’s Treason Felony Act of 1848 forbids subjects of the queen from calling for the abolition of the monarchy. The law is no longer enforced, which is good news for the several dozen Brits in central London on Friday who placed a Queen Elizabeth II impersonator in the gallows with a sign on her head saying “Best Before: Circa 1700.”

The mock imprisonment was part of the “Not the Royal Wedding Street Party” hosted by Republic, a campaign group that wishes to replace the monarchy with an elected head of state. The 14,000-strong group wants to strip the Queen of her remaining “prerogative powers,” such as the requirement that parliamentary bills have her formal assent before they become law, and her ability to disband the British Parliament and the legislatures of several Commonwealth countries (which her acting Governor General in Australia did in 1975 after the prime minister refused to call a general election). And it’s seen the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton as an opportunity to push its agenda forward. (Timeless Portraits: Photos of All Time Great Royal Weddings)

Talk of revolution and mock gallows aside, the Republican street party was hardly a Cromwellian affair. Unlike the army of Oliver Cromwell, which briefly overthrew the monarchy in the 17th century in two bloody civil wars, these rebels were a jovial, good-humored bunch. Cucumber sandwiches were served, a face-painting artist made the rounds, and a band jammed in the middle of the street.

“Republicanism today is a slow-moving movement,” said Silvia Carter, 65, a stage director in London. “We aren’t radicals. We understand that the abolition of the monarchy might take 40 or 50 years, but it will inevitably happen.” (A Green Makeover for Westminster Abbey: Trees for the Royal Wedding)

If turn-out is any indication of interest, however, the movement may have to wait longer than that. Hundreds of thousands of Britons took to the streets around Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey to cheer the royal couple on Friday. Republic’s rival fete attracted only around a thousand people, according to the group. But far from sulking like the losing side of a nationwide popularity contest, many at the party claimed that the massive royal wedding would paradoxically boost their cause by exposing the absurdity of Britain’s antiquated political system.

“The more scrutiny we can place on the royal family the better,” said David James, 27, who pointed to references in the British press of Kate Middleton as a “commoner” because she does not come from a royal lineage. “The whole idea of noble blood – of a class of people intrinsically superior to the rest – is antithetical to a democracy, and this wedding will help expose that.”

Republic was not the only outfit enjoying some irreverent anti-monarchy protesting on the royal family’s big day. The liberal British newspaper The Guardian allowed digital readers to join the rebel cause by signing up to send the couple one of three gifts: a home-assembly guillotine kit, keys to an exile’s apartment in Elba (the Mediterranean island to where Napoleon was exiled) and a biography of Charles I (the monarch beheaded by Cromwell).

And the sentiment stretches beyond Britain. Republic was joined at its street party on Friday by representatives of anti-monarchy movements in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. On Saturday, this Alliance of European Republican Movements – as the group calls itself – will hold a conference on how to mobilize European populations against the vestiges of absolute rule in what is now the world’s most democratic continent. “We had a similar situation in Sweden when our royal married a non-blue-blood,” says David Hesslefors of the Swedish Republican Association, referring to the marriage last year of Princess Victoria of Sweden to her personal trainer. “But such distinctions can only help expose the absurdity of a situation of having a hereditary head of state.” (See why Sweden wanted Julian Assange arrested.)

Hesslefors says William and Kate’s large following among Brits will draw attention to the monarchy, which he believes cannot survive under continued scrutiny. “British Republicans are lucky that William and Kate are so popular,” he adds, before pausing. “Or at least that’s the theory.”

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Kate Middleton’s Fashion Evolution

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